DiSC Classic Graph
DiSC "Classic" Graph

The Everything DiSC Circumplex

What is Everything DiSC®?

The Everything DiSC® series of assessments are the latest personality assessment tools from Wiley.

Many people who are familiar with DISC assessments will remember the results being in graph form, similar to the picture on the right. The Everything DiSC profiles have been refined well beyond this original layout and are now produced using a circular model. To learn about the evolution of the graph to the circumplex, see How My Graph Became a Dot.

Purchasing DiSC Assessments

Anyone can purchase a DiSC profile from DiSC Training Hub. Learn more about how to get a single profile, enough for a whole class or an entire company!

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What do the DiSC Letters Mean?

Ever wonder what the letters in DiSC mean? Click "read more" to find out!

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About DiSC

“There are three things extremely hard: steel, a diamond, and to know one’s self.”
Benjamin Franklin

DiSC is a mechanism for describing and categorizing human behavior. It is relatively simple, yet surprisingly powerful.

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Interactive DiSC Style Estimator

Estimate your DiSC Style using this free DiSC Test.

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A Brief History of DiSC

Learn about the origins of DiSC. Did you know there was a connection to Wonder Woman?

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Sample DiSC Videos

Sample DiSC Video Clips

Each of our Everything DiSC®Training Kits (DiSC Facilitation Kits), feature high-quality, contemporary video clips to demonstrate key learning points of the DiSC model. The clips are created for each context of the training, such as DiSC Sales, DiSC Management, DiSC Workplace and even the DiSC Leadership product, Work of Leaders.

We have provided some sample clips for each of the four Everything DiSC Facilitation Kits.

Sample Workplace DiSC Videos

Sample DiSC Workplace Video Clips

Below are samples from some of the DiSC Videos included in the Everything DiSC Workplace Facilitation Kit

Keep in mind, this is only a sample of the videos included in the facilitation kit. Also note that these are just clips. Most of them are shorter than the full videos included in the package.


Sample Managment DiSC Videos

Sample Video Clips from the Everything DiSC® Management Facilitation Kit

This is only a sample of the videos included in the facilitation kit. There are 37 videos total, including 16 videos for practicing reading DiSC styles, 8 videos on directing and delegating, 8 videos on creating motivating environments, and 4 videos for how to approach the learner's boss.

Sample Sales DiSC Videos

Sample DiSC Sales Video Clips

Below are sample DiSC videos from the Everything DiSC Sales Facilitation Kit

The kit was updated in April 2020 and all-new videos were included.

Below are just a few samples. The kit includes two sets of Customer Mapping exercises (16 videos) for learners to practice reading customer buying styles. There are 4 videos that outline the customer buying styles for the four DiSC styles and 8 pairs of videos showing ineffective and adapted approaches to various styles.

Sample Work of Leaders Videos

Sample Work of Leaders Video Clips

Below are sample DiSC Videos from the Everything DiSC Work of Leaders Facilitation Kit

Keep in mind, this is merely a sample of the videos provided with the facilitation kit. Also note that these are just clips. They are often shorter than the full videos included in the package.


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