DiSC Classic Graph
DiSC "Classic" Graph

The Everything DiSC Circumplex

What is Everything DiSC®?

The Everything DiSC® series of assessments are the latest personality assessment tools from Wiley.

Many people who are familiar with DISC assessments will remember the results being in graph form, similar to the picture on the right. The Everything DiSC profiles have been refined well beyond this original layout and are now produced using a circular model. To learn about the evolution of the graph to the circumplex, see How My Graph Became a Dot.

A Brief History of Everything DiSC®

William Moulton Marston

William Marston was an early psychologist and inventor. His work on the DISC model was published in the 1928 book, The Emotions of Normal People (the title alone indicates another era). His ideas have been proven to be fundamentally sound even though they weren't truly finalized. Marston himself never created an assessment tool. With his theories now in the public domain, several companies create and market DISC-based profile products. Their approaches--and progress--vary widely. And by the way, Mr. Martston indeed created the Wonder Woman character.

Wiley and DiSC®

Wiley purchased Inscape Publishing, a company that had long been a leader in the DISC world. Their products are identifiable by the trademarked use of the lowercase "i" in the word DISC. These instruments are now in their third generation and are markedly improved over their predecessors (and competitors).

The early DiSC products from Inscape were very good tools and often surprisingly accurate in their insights. However, continuing research and technological advancements have made possible by technology, the new profiles in the Everything DiSC series are far superior in their accuracy and usefulness. They're also much easier to take and scoring is done by computer.

The assessments are completed online and consist of 79, forced-choice questions. Profiles are generated automatically and can be made available immediately after taking the assessment. These reports are attractive, full-color, easy-to-read PDF files with 20 or more pages of useful, insightful information.

The current suite of products using this updated model are specifically geared for the workplace, management or sales and there are two different leadership offerings (one is a multi-rater, 360-type assessment and the other is a stand-alone profile). Learn more about the Everything DiSC Profiles

Each of these profiles is excellent as a stand-alone report but they can also be used in a classroom setting. In fact, Inscape Publishing has also created DiSC training programs in the form of Facilitation Kits. Each kit contains everything needed to conduct DiSC training for the target audience. The only exception is the multi-rater product, 363 for Leaders. It doesn't have a Facilitation Kit because it was designed for one-on-one coaching rather than for classroom use.

For detailed information regarding the Everything DiSC research and validation of the model (you have to really enjoy Cronbach's Alpha to fully understand this part), please see the Everything DiSC® Research Report Everything DiSC Research Report.

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