What do the DiSC Letters Mean? What do they stand for?

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DiSC is an acronym and simply put, the letters D, i, S and C stand for the four DiSC styles:

D - Dominance; i - Influence; S - Steadiness C- Conscientiousness

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It's Less About What the Letters Stand for
and More About the Characteristics of Each Style

Each letter represents one of the four basic DiSC Styles. Each style is associated with certain behaviors, or observable characteristics.

Dominance - People with the D style tend to be direct, firm or even forceful. They value taking action and getting results and generally are competitive.

Influence - People with the i style tend to be outgoing, enthusiastic and generally are optimistic in nature. Like the D style, they like to take action and are more collaborative than competitive.

Steadiness - People with the S style tend to be patient and accommodating. They enjoy stability and much like the i style tend to be collaborative and enjoy being helpful.

Conscientiousness - People with the C style are usually analytical and reserved. Similar to the S style, they prefer stability, but their priority on accuracy will cause them to challenge assumptions.

Is it Really that Simple?

The 12 DiSC stylesYes ... and no. While the DiSC model can accurately describe human behavior using just four styles, obviously people are far more complex than four flavors.

The Everything DiSC Workplace Assessment uses style combinations to to distinguish 12 different styles. But the detail goes beyond even that: Every one of us is a combination of the four styles and the circular model can represent this mix; the older, graph-style model could not.

Looking for something even more specific?

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