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We often hear something like, "plain old DiSC" in conversation. Well, we don't do "plain old DiSC". If you have past experience with DiSC and you're thinking of a graph . . . you're out of date!

In this blog we'll keep you updated on the latest happenings: Updates, new products as well a provide case studies and "How To" articles for implementing DiSC in your organization or for your clients.

Updates to Everything DiSC Work of Leaders

Everything DiSC Work of Leaders LogoBarely a year after its introduction, the Everything DiSC Work of Leaders is getting a re-fresh!

Following on the heels of the recent Workplace update, now Work of Leaders receives the full benefit of this summer's change to Adaptive Testing (for more on that improvement, please see Announcing Adaptive Testing!).

Everything DiSC Work of Leaders is a self-rated Leadership assessment that provides a simple, clear yet powerful structure to Leadership. It identifies the leader's primary leadership style and gives insight into how the leader compares to known best practices throughout the leadership process.

Updated Facilitation Kit Available Now

The updated meeting-in-a-box, the Everything DiSC Work of Leaders Facilitation Kit is already available. Order this kit today (updated part number A-411) from our online web store and have it within a couple of days. If you already have the kit, go to the Everything DiSC Registration site to get your kit updated for free!

The facilitation kit has been updated to reflect the additional priorities that may be present for some respondents and the PowerPoint slides have been updated to coincide with the re-arranged profile report. The menu structure has also been simplified and videos have an option to be viewed with English subtitles.

Updated Profile to Follow on January 3rd, 2013

When Adaptive Testing was introduced in July, 2012, respondents created a richer data set but some of the new data could not be displayed in the existing profile report. As of January 3rd, 2013, that data will be represented in the form of "tails". Not everyone who completes the assessment will have a "tail", but those who do will have one or two additional priorities displayed in the updated circumplex (for a deeper discussion on this concept, refer to the article DiSC Workplace® Updates, Part 2).

Pages 2-6 of the profile were also re-ordered and updated to make the information clearer and consistent with the recent updates to the Everything DiSC Workplace profile. That profile was updated this past October (read more in the article DiSC Workplace® Updates, Part 1).

To preview the profile changes, see the Updated Everything DiSC Work of Leaders Sample Profile.

Free Upgrade for Everyone!

Free is a good price, when you can get it. If you completed the Work of Leaders Profile on or after 7/21/2012, you're in luck! All you have to do is click on the same link that you used to take the assessment originally. Can't find it? If you purchased the profile from DiSC Training Hub, you can access the link from your My Orders page.

If you completed the assessment before 7/21, you'll have to re-take the assessment using the new Adaptive Testing assessment. It's still free, but you'll have to wait until January 3rd when the new profile is launched because a new access code has to be created for you. If you purchased the profile from DiSC Training Hub, just Contact Us and we'll take care of it. If you purchased your profile from someone else, you will have to contact them as we cannot access your records.

More to Come

All of the Everything DiSC profiles are scheduled to be updated by the end of 2013. Still on the to-be-updated list:  Everything DiSC Management, Sales and 363 for Leaders!

For more information on Adaptive Testing and these updates, please see the Everything DiSC Adaptive Testing FAQ.

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