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We often hear something like, "plain old DiSC" in conversation. Well, we don't do "plain old DiSC". If you have past experience with DiSC and you're thinking of a graph . . . you're out of date!

In this blog we'll keep you updated on the latest happenings: Updates, new products as well a provide case studies and "How To" articles for implementing DiSC in your organization or for your clients.

Our DiSC Training Virtual Classroom is Live!

In December, 2019 we began upgrading our video studio to offer top-notch online virtual DiSC training. Little did we know that virtual training would be the only option as group meetings were canceled and banned as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020.

The Virtual Training Studio

We built our virtual training studio to overcome some the major drawbacks that we have seen with online training sessions or even just online meetings. The first thing we did was emphasize the use of video. In many online sessions participants are stuck looking at a screen that doesn't change often enough to hold their attention as an unseen person drones on and on. We have found it difficult to engage with a speaker when you can't see them. And with most platforms you can either see the speaker or the material. With our setup, we can do both.

We also made sure the video looks great. A professional camera and lighting setup means you aren't watching the instructor on a low-quality webcam in a poorly lit room. We also designed our setup in such a way that the instructor is looking at the participants eye-to-eye. In most virtual sessions, the speaker is looking at the screen and not the camera. And although the camera and screen may be close together, that "just-off" eye contact can be unsettling.

The Virtual Training Curriculum

It's always nice to have "the hardware", but that alone isn't enough. It's "the software", in this case the program itself. We've adapted the curriculum for DiSC training to take full advantage of the virtual classroom platform. This can include polls, whiteboards, group annotation and breakout rooms. The sessions are short and fast-moving for maximum engagement. Our goal is that participants are not checking their email during class because there isn't down time and they're too busy to drift off.

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