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We often hear something like, "plain old DiSC" in conversation. Well, we don't do "plain old DiSC". If you have past experience with DiSC and you're thinking of a graph . . . you're out of date!

In this blog we'll keep you updated on the latest happenings: Updates, new products as well a provide case studies and "How To" articles for implementing DiSC in your organization or for your clients.

DiSC® on the iPad (or Android Tablet)

DiSC Profiles can be taken on the Apple iPad and Android tabletsWith the proliferation of the Apple iPad and the slew of Android tablets available, for many these are becoming their primary personal computer. At the same time, many training professionals are using tablets in new and creative ways in their classes.

So it is only natural that someone will want to complete a DiSC profile on a tablet device. In fact, DiSC Training Hub's parent company, 10/10ths Development Corporation is involved in just such a project. In this project, over 3,000 Everything DiSC Workplace profiles were completed in a 12 week period--all on iPad2 tablets. And it was all trouble-free.

DiSC Online = Easy Access

The Everything DiSC series of DiSC profiles are completed online. So by definition that requires an Internet connection and a browser capable of displaying the assessment web pages. The iPad and all Android tablets are inherently connected devices, so these basic requirements are met, right out of the box.

After completing the assessment, a color PDF file can be created and opened in the browser (and also through the iBooks application) for easy viewing right on the tablet. Navigation of the pages is easy, with page turning done by a simple swipe across the screen and using pinch-zoom gestures, the type can be made as big as necessary for easy viewing. The PDF profile can also be sent via email for viewing on other devices as well.

Take an Online DiSC Profile Today!

If you regularly use your tablet for email and Internet access, all you need to do is purchase the desired profile from our online DiSC profile store and you're all set. To use the DiSC assessments in the classroom, there are some additional setup steps needed. That is where our parent company, 10/10ths Development, comes in. They can help get any size project up and running easily. Contact 10/10ths Development for more information.


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