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The DiSC Training Hub Blog

We often hear something like, "plain old DiSC" in conversation. Well, we don't do "plain old DiSC". If you have past experience with DiSC and you're thinking of a graph . . . you're out of date!

In this blog we'll keep you updated on the latest happenings: Updates, new products as well a provide case studies and "How To" articles for implementing DiSC in your organization or for your clients.

What is "Everything DiSC®"?

Everything DiSC products are available online at DiSC Training HubEverything DiSC is a suite of products published by Wiley (and sold on this website). These are 3rd-generation DiSC assessments, training kits and add-on products that produce a far richer training environment than was possible with the earlier DiSC products.

What's Available?

The Everything DiSC tools are designed for specific contexts or roles. There are versions for:

Each of the assessments can be used with an available facilitation kit, sold separately. Each kit contains a complete classroom curriculum including a slide deck, contemporary videos and handouts. The slide deck and handouts can be easily customized to meet any training need.

What Makes this DiSC Different?

Everything DiSC isn't just a set of profiles and kits. It is a system of interconnected assessments. Group reports are available, including a 1-to-1 Comparison Report that can be run between any two people that have taken any of the Everything DiSC assessments. Have a manager and a salesperson that have taken the Management and Sales profiles, respectively? A Comparison Report can be generated between these two people. In fact, with the My Everything DiSC website, these two can self-administer the Comparison Report--no admin overhead!

Speaking of administration, the EPIC (Electronic Profile Information Center) back-end system allows complete control over issuing of assessments. It allows branding and report tailoring for your learners and does so at no additional cost. Contact us to learn more.

Taking on Leadership

In addition to the self-rated Leadership instrument, there is also a ground-breaking, low-overhead multi-rater assessment, 363 for Leaders. It takes the sting out of rater feedback and requires a fraction of the time investment required of most 360-style products.

Details of all of these products are available on DiSC Training Hub and, as always, feel free to contact us with any questions!


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