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  • Catalyst is an interactive, self-guided platform for DiSC
  • Use with virtual or in-person training
  • Improve self-awareness and coworker relationships
  • Learn about other styles and building more effective relationships
  • Discover ways to interact better with coworkers specifically through the "Your colleagues" section
  • Supports multiple applications


This is the Future of DiSC

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What would it look like if Culture Change was easy?

It might look a lot like Everything DiSC on Catalyst.

For years, the Everything DiSC® Workplace Profile has provided enlightening insights into one's own behavior. The results were delivered in in the form of a PDF and while the narrative was rich, it was static. Fixed.

Catalyst, on the other hand, provides indefinite access to an interactive, self-guided platform that is constantly evolving and expanding. Once a respondent has completed the assessment, the following sections are available:

  • Your DiSC style -  This section provides in introduction to your results, displays your DiSC map and elaborates on your style story. There is also a podcast that explores your style in depth.

  • Your colleagues - This is where the real magic is! See your coworkers that have also completed a Catalyst assessment. See how you compare in detail and find ways to work better together with specific tips around:
    • When things get tense
    • When trying to connect
    • When collaborating
    • When trying to get a coworker's buy-in

  • Workplace
    • What drives you - DiSC can help explain why you tend to focus on certain things at work. It can help shed light why some tasks energize you, but others drain you. This section helps you When it comes to your work, have you ever noticed that there are certain things you tend to focus on? Or that you’re energized by some tasks but dread doing others? This section can help you understand those preferences and tendencies.
    • You and other styles - There are some people you instantly relate to and other you just can't understand. This section explains what drives different people and how those factors can affect your relationships with them.
    • Build better relationships - While good working relationships are desirable, what constitutes a "good working relationship" may mean something different to different people. Building better relationships starts with understanding where someone’s coming from and then learning how to meet them where they are.

  • DiSC·ology
    • The DiSC Model - An introduction to the model and the four basic styles
    • The 12 styles - Learn about the 12 distinct styles represented in the Everything DiSC applications
    • DiSC research - Everything DiSC is fully research-based, tested and validated. Learn more about how we measure the things we do and the source of the insights of the results.
    • DiSC theory - Go deep! DiSC measures preferences and tendencies, not skill or ability. As a result, it's not a diagnostic tool, but a guide for dialogue. Learn about principles behind DiSC.
    • DiSC history - William Moulton Marston proposed the idea of four basic DiSC styles back in 1928. While the basic model is still sound today, the instruments have never stopped evolving. Find out how Everything DiSC became what it is today.

  • Agile EQ - with this optional add-on for emotional intelligence, the following sections become available:
    • What is EQ? - Learn more about EQ and the different forms it can take.
    • Your EQ strengths - There are different ways to be emotionally intelligent and that everyone has certain EQ strengths. Discover where yours lie.
    • Beyond your comfort zone - Some of the most effective ways to navigate certain situations might be well outside your comfort zone. Learning what responses are not natural for you is the first step to growing your EQ and becoming more agile.
    • Develop your EQ - It's nice to know where you stand, but it's better to have help in growing your emotional intelligence capabilities. This section provides personalized tips and action steps on stretching beyond your default behaviors.

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