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What if you could become an amazing leader?  What if your reputation preceded you wherever you went?  What if your leadership skills allowed you to lead any team, department or organization to the desired outcomes and objectives?

The Everything DiSC Work of Leaders profile is an in-depth leadership improvement tool based on DiSC. Your leadership style is an individual characteristic which can be defined by combining the DiSC behavoral fundamentals with a leadership self-assessment. Work of Leaders compares your responses to known leadership best practices and plots the results. The report offers a clear path of action to improve leadership skills by offering specific suggestions to improve your leadership style.

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The Work of Leaders development effort took over four years and involved detailed analysis & distillation of prominent leadership research.  The development effort included input from more than 300 subject matter experts at over 150 organizations.

A Simplified Structure for Understanding Leadership

The Everything DiSC Work of Leaders Profile is based on a three-step leadership process:  Vision, Alignment and Execution.

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While the Everything DiSC® Work of Leaders Profile Report can be and often is integrated into a training initiative, career development program and/or performance appraisals;  it can also be enlightening from a self-improvement standpoint just by absorbing the stand-alone report.

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