Note:  Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we are not currently scheduling in-person classes.

Everything DiSC® Training Classes

  • New! Classes conducted using our state-of-the-art virtual classroom
  • High-value, interactive facilitation services for all DiSC® training
  • Context-specific Everything DiSC assessments from Wiley
  • Relevant, and high-quality content, videos and activities
  • Interesting and entertaining learning experience
  • Knowledgeable and experienced trainers

We offer DiSC training that correlates directly to our context-specific DiSC assessments offerings.  The core DiSC training programs are:

  1. Everything DiSC Agile EQ (Emotional Intelligence)
  2. Everything DiSC Workplace
  3. Everything DiSC Productive Conflict
  4. Everything DiSC Management
  5. Everything DiSC Sales
  6. Everything DiSC Work of Leaders

Each of these programs have turnkey Facilitation Kits available, for those that wish to conduct training on their own. In addition to our core DiSC training offerings, we also offer curriculum customization to adapt the instructional materials to your specific training objectives. 

Training Delivery Methods

Our experienced trainers conduct an interactive learning experience based on your training objectives.

  • Online, Virtual Classroom Learning - Our trainer conducts the training in a virtual learning environment.
  • On Site Classroom Training - Our trainer comes to your location and conducts training in a traditional classroom setup.
    • Due to the current pandemic, we have suspended in-person training classes, however all of our classes are available online, via our in-house virtual classroom.
  • Online Classes - We can develop custom eLearning classes specific to your needs.

Our Training Process

We have a four step training process to ensure that you receive high value training that meets all of your requirements, expectations and objectives:

Step 1:  Training Requirements Consulting and Analysis

We begin by understanding your training objectives. From this, we determine which DiSC training materials and activities will have the most impact for your group.

Step 2:  Training Pre-Work

Each participant will be provided an online access code to complete the selected Everything DiSC Profile. This code will be emailed to each participant approximately 10 days ahead of the training session.  The participant will need to spend approximately 10-15 minutes completing the DiSC assessment online. 

Step 3:  The Training Session(s)

The participants attend a training session (or sessions, depending on the program), where they take an active part in the program. Although each program is different, the first step is always to learn about the DiSC Model and their own DiSC style. Next is to understand other DiSC styles and then how to use this knowledge to improve their interactions with co-workers, direct reports, clients, etc., depending on the program.

Step 4:  Follow Up

Training is never as effective as it could be without a plan for follow-up. We have many follow up possibilities that keep the training--and the new behaviors--“front of mind” to help make lasting changes.

Follow Up Reports

Comparison Reports can be used to help two people work together better. A Comparison Report is generated using the data from two people that have already taken an Everything DiSC assessment. Actually, two reports are generated: Person A working with Person B and vice-versa.

Group Culture Reports can be used to show how a team is balanced across the DiSC circumplex. With this knowledge a team and determine its strengths, its challenge areas and possibly even help it to find some dynamic missing from the team.

Other reports are also available based on the objectives of the class.

Follow Up Usage

Utilize the reports for career development, performance improvement initiatives and in order to recognize strengths and challenges.

Often there are time limitations placed on training programs that prevent all exercises from being completed.  We provide our clients with a follow-up DiSC Training Activity Kit.  It includes instructions and materials for multiple training activities if you would like to integrate a 15 minute group exercise into a meeting a later date.  This helps to reinforce the learning experience.

Follow Up Training/Company Culture

Once most employees have gained an understanding of DiSC and improved their self awareness.  DiSC can be integrated into other training initiatives.  As an example, assume the company is a car dealership and assume your sales consultants take a class called “how to walk around the car with a potential customer”.  There can be specific learning activities integrated into the class that reference reading the customer’s DiSC style and adapting your sales style to the customer’s buying style.


Want to become DiSC Certified?

If you would like to gain confidence and credentials to conduct DiSC Training, enroll in an official Everything DiSC Workplace Certification class.

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