How it Works: Getting an Online DiSC® Profile

It couldn't be easier to have a DiSC® profile immediately.

Many online DiSC stores process their orders by hand, during business hours. At DiSC Training Hub, our system can provide a single DiSC profile or a classroom's worth at a moment's notice, 24-7*.

(For larger quantities--and more favorable pricing--an EPIC Account is the better alternative)

Step 1:  Choose your Profile

Click on any Buy it Now link or shop in the online store under DiSC Profiles (<-That's a shortcut link to the DiSC Profiles section of our store--it'll open in a new window). All of the profiles we offer (with the exception of 363 for Leaders*) can be accessed immediately after purchase.

Step 2:  Complete the Purchase

Complete the checkout process using VISA, MasterCard, American Express or Discover Card.

Step 3:  Check Your Email

Check your email! You will receive an email confirming your purchase and providing you with the access code. If you click on the link from your email, you can skip Step 4

Step 4:  Begin the Assessment

If you are unable to click on links from your email client, paste the link into your browser (or click here). This brings up the testing site where you can enter the Access Code.

epic start screen

Step 5:  Complete the Assessment

Complete the assessment by answering the questions on the screen. The Everything DiSC profiles use adaptive testing; the questions may vary based on your responses. Note that the leadership profiles have additional questions.

If you stop the assessment part way through, your progress is saved.  Just go back to Step 4 and the assessment will resume where you left off!

Once you've completed the assessment, your report is less than a minute away!

Step 6:  View, Print, Save or Email Your Assessment

Finally, choose how you want to receive your report.  You can view and then maybe print it right now, save the file locally, or email it to yourself or someone else. It's up to you! Also, you can always re-use your access code to get a copy of your report if you've misplaced it.

Step 7:  You're Done!

There is no step 7: You're done!

Final Notes

If you ever need to access your report again, simply go back to Step 4. Once you enter your access code, you will skip to step 6 where you can re-generate the report and then print, save or email it again. The access code never expires!

Even if you lose the email with the access code, you can always go to the My Orders page and get it from there!

It's that easy. Are you ready to try it? Shop DiSC Profiles online


*The Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders profile is a multi-rater assessment. This profile cannot be completed immediately after purchase because setup is required to include the additional raters. The Five Behaviors Team Report and all Catalyst profiles also require setup and cannot be completed immediately.
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