DiSC for Individuals

DiSC Training Hub provides DiSC profiles that can be used by individuals interested in improving their interpersonal skills. The Everything DiSC series of profiles are useful for a variety of interpersonal relationships:  Work, family, and friends included.

DiSC Profiles

The Everything DiSC® products represent the 3rd generation of  DiSC behavior assessments from from Inscape Publishing. The new reports are more accurate but also highly accessible to anyone. These DiSC profiles are delivered as colorful PDF reports that are easy to read and understand.

Each product in the series has a different purpose:

Everything DiSC Workplace is recommended for anyone looking to improve their interpersonal skills generally. Although named "workplace", it is a widely-applicable instrument that can be used to improve relationships with co-workers, with friends or with family members. It is also the least expensive profile in the Everything DiSC series.
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Everything DiSC Sales is perfect for the sales associate who understands the value in adapting their own style to match that of the customer. The report helps salespeople to understand their style, how to identify other styles and then how to adapt their style to better interact with cusomers with differing styles.
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Everything DiSC Management is a great tool for managers, both new and established. Managers who understand their management style are better able to work with employees. This report helps managers understand how to adapt their default management style in order to address the differing needs of their direct reports. There is also a section on working with their manager..
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Everything DiSC Work of Leaders is for all current or future leaders. Leadership is a complex subject, but the Work of Leaders profile distils the essential elements of leadership into a simple structure. Best practices are then plugged into this structure and a leader's natural tendencies are then mapped against these best practives based on their DiSC leadership style.
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