Everything DiSC® Training Solutions for Organizations

DiSC Training Hub provides DiSC profiles and accessories, DiSC Facilitation Kits, DiSC Certification, DiSC-based training services and DiSC consulting services.

DiSC Profiles and Accessories

The profiles we carry are from Wiley, a leader in DiSC 's latest Everything DiSC Series. Each product in this line is geared toward a different function of the organization:

  • Everything DiSC Catalyst is a new platform that represents the future of DiSC. The base product provides the same benefits as Workplace (below), but comes with a rich, interactive, self-guided platform that also supports (optional) virtual training. It can also be augmented with Agile EQ today, as a greatly reduced cost as compared with Workplace and Agile EQ profiles being purchase separately. Additional applications will be made available on Catalyst in the coming months.
  • Everything DiSC Workplace is for general use for all employees to help reduce conflict, improve team cohesiveness and improve interpersonal communication with both co workers and customers.
  • Everything DiSC Agile EQ is recommended for anyone looking to improve their emotional intelligence. Discover what mindsets come naturally to you and which ones require effort to engage.
  • Everything DiSC Productive Conflict is recommended for anyone looking to improve their ability to handle conflict in a productive way. Learn to recognize your "automatic thoughts" and change your reactions when conflict arises.
  • Everything DiSC Sales is specifically created to help sales consultants understand customer interactions in order to build stronger customer relationships and improve closing ratios.
  • Everything DiSC Management is for use with managers and is meant to help managers improve interpersonal skills in order to increase employee productivity, morale and engagement.
  • Everything DiSC Work of Leaders is for all current or future leaders of an organization. It assists leaders with understanding their personal leadership characteristics in order to work toward improving problem areas they may have in regards to Vision, Alignment and Execution.
  • Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders is for leaders who want the added benefit of feedback from peers, managers and direct reports.

Other DiSC-related materials are also available in our online DiSC store section. We have buttons, mugs, pens, posters, interaction guides and more to add interest and enjoyment to your DiSC training.

DiSC Certification

Many times organizational development professionals would like to be certified in the topics they teach. See our Certification page for available programs, training options and dates.

DiSC Training Services

Don't have the time or the expertise to construct and perform your own DiSC-based training class? We provide turn-key programs that can include pre-training analysis, DiSC profiles, accessories, experienced facilitation services as well as a post-training review. All participants end each training experience with an actionable plan for applying the training in your organization. And while we are not currently scheduling in-person classes, we do offer virtual training through our state-of-the-art Virtual Classroom.

For more information, please contact us.

DiSC-Based Consulting Services

Due to our in-depth knowledge of DiSC as well as general training and development experience, we are able to add value to:

  • Organizations creating Requests for Proposal when DiSC-based training is indicated
  • Training & Development firms when responding to RFPs that require DiSC-based training
  • Organizations creating their own, in-house DiSC-based training initiatives
  • Anyone who wishes to integrate DiSC into non-DiSC training to provide a more personalized & effective curriculum

For more information about DiSC-based services, please visit our Instructional Design & Consulting Services page or contact us.



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