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Unleash the Power of Everything DiSC®

with a DiSC EPIC Account

Gain full administrative access;
white-label your assessments

Create Custom-Branded Reports with a DiSC EPIC Account

With a DiSC EPIC Account, you can create customized reports branded with your logo and custom text.

A DiSC EPIC Account also provides:

  • 24-7 access to the DiSC EPIC Account platform
  • The ability to process assessments in batches
  • Access to Group Reports and Facilitator Supplements
  • Access to volume-based pricing

Administration is easy and cost-effective

As powerful as the EPIC system is, it is also easy to use. You’ll gain complete control of your assessments and reports through your EPIC Account and receive preferred pricing.

We’ll help you get started… and keep you going

We’ll set up your DiSC EPIC Account at no charge and then help you get started. We have several resources that you can use to get up to speed or schedule an administrator on-boarding session. We’ll train as many administrators as you want for up to an hour so you start off strong. And we’re to support you in the future as well. Basic support is always provided at no cost and there are no ongoing fees for the account. You only pay for profiles and reports.

Additional Sub-Accounts Provide More Flexibility

Have multiple organizations? DiSC EPIC Accounts can also have Sub-Accounts so you can:

  • Brand each company or department separately
  • Keep records separate, but create group reports from all accounts
  • Move records between Sub-Accounts
  • Move EPIC Credits between Account and Sub-Accounts

Note: If you already have an EPIC Account, we can create a Sub-account for you by drawing on your existing EPIC Credit balance. Just Contact Us and we’ll make it happen!

Get a Free EPIC Account

If you don’t already have an EPIC account, we offer a free EPIC account with a minimal purchase of EPIC Credits or through one of our EPIC Bundles. The the EPIC Credits page for details.

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