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EPIC Credits

The currency of an EPIC Account

Use credits to create the reports you need when you need them.

Unleash the Power of Everything DiSC® with EPIC Credits

The Everything DiSC administration system is called EPIC, short for Electronic Profile Information System. EPIC operates using a credit system as its currency. So instead of buying specific profiles, credits are purchased and loaded into the account. Each profile or report consumes a number of credits, starting with 15 for a Workplace or base Catalyst profile. We provide a free EPIC Account with the purchase of just 100 EPIC Credits*, waiving the cost of the account and all setup fees.

With 100 credits, you could create four Agile EQ, Management, Sales or Leadership profiles. Or you could create 6 Workplace on Catalyst profiles and have 10 credits left over. This is the flexibility that EPIC provides: It isn’t necessary to purchase an exact number of specific profiles; just use the EPIC Credits to fulfill needs as they arise.

Just want to buy a single profile? Shop DiSC profiles, add one to the cart and check out. It’s that easy.

An EPIC Account lets you:

  • Easily put your brand on any DiSC® profile or report
  • Generate profiles in bulk quickly and easily
  • Gain Access to Follow-up Reports and Group Reports
  • Qualify for volume-based pricing with significant savings

Whether you need 100 or 10,000 EPIC Credits or more, DiSC Training Hub can get you set up quickly. For more details on EPIC, visit the EPIC Accounts page.


*Limit one free EPIC Account per customer.
Additional EPIC accounts may be purchased for 45 credits each (and we’ll still waive all setup fees).

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Bulk deal
Quantity Fixed price
1 - 249 $5.40
250 - 499 $5.10
500 - 749 $4.85
750 - 999 $4.70
1000 - 1499 $4.55
1500 - 1999 $4.45
2000 + $4.35

Quantity Tiers & Pricing

EPIC Accounts - Frequently Asked Questions

With an EPIC Account, this costs nothing! Your logo and up to seven lines of custom text appear on every report cover. You can also re-name any of the profile titles and specify the name displayed on email messages sent by the system.

An EPIC account usually costs between $150 and $250, however we don’t charge a setup fee and we’ll cover the cost with an initial purchase of just 100 credits. That’s equivalent to roughly 7 Workplace or Catalyst profiles).

EPIC Credits never expire. There is no risk in purchasing ahead and because the credits can be used for any Everything DiSC or Five Behaviors profiles, you can still use the credits even if your specific needs change.

The main cost is the profile. Beyond that, if you are going to print the profiles, that is an extra cost. For conducting your own training classes, we highly recommend a facilitation kit. There are also some training add-ons available to complement some of the classes, but these are optional.

Aside from these optional items, there are no annual licensing or maintenance fees with Everything DiSC or The Five Behaviors.

Well, if it’s a race, the respondent would win. Seriously, though, the answer depends on the type of assessment and whether or not you have an EPIC Account.

Catalyst Profiles: The very nature of the Catalyst system is that respondents have access immediately upon completion of their assessment. This cannot be changed. If you have an EPIC Account, you can set it up so that you receive an email when assessments are completed. You can then download a PDF of the results. If you also have a Catalyst profile, you can also find the new profile in the “Your colleagues” section and see their style there.

Traditional Profiles: When you have an EPIC Account, you can choose whether or not the respondent gets to see the results immediately upon concluding the assessment. If you prefer, you can choose to see it first and then share it with them when you are ready. If you do not have an EPIC Account (and you purchased assessments from DiSC Training Hub), we can email the results to you for any profile that you purchased.

You can rename any of the profiles using report tailoring, a built-in functionality of the EPIC account. This does not carry any additional cost.

Your client’s email address resides in your EPIC account and unless you give us permission, we can’t even view your client’s data. The only email messages they receive would be generated by the system. You might receive an occasional email as an EPIC Account holder, but your clients will not be contacted directly.

You can be notified when someone completes the assessment, but not when they haven’t. You can easily run a report to see who hasn’t completed an assessment. The system does provide one scheduled reminder email to go out to those who haven’t completed an assessment and you can manually send additional reminders at any time.

EPIC Credits are the currency of EPIC, the back-end administration website for both Everything DiSC and The Five Behaviors. It’s similar to they way arcade games used to be played. You bought some tokens and then used those tokens to play games. Some games used more tokens than other games and some reports in EPIC cost more credits than others. In order to use EPIC Credits, you need to have an EPIC Account.

Comparison Reports are created using the results of any two people that have completed any of the Everything DiSC assessments. There are three ways of creating them: 1) As the administrator of the EPIC account, you can create these reports manually. 2) If the two people in question have created their free My Everything DiSC accounts, they can, by mutual agreement, do the comparison themselves online using an interactive tool or they can download the complete report. 3) If the two people are in the same organization on the Catalyst platform, comparisons are freely available. In all cases, there is no cost to create these reports.

When someone has completed a Catalyst assessment (for 15 credits) you can add the results from additional applications (like Agile EQ) for just 10 additional credits. The respondent will get an email telling them the new info is available. Most applications will not require any additional questions to be answered; the results just appear.

To add EQ to an existing Catalyst record:

  • In EPIC, go to the Manage Reports menu
  • Choose Catalyst: Add Applications to Access Codes
  • Find the records you want and put a check next to them
  • Hit Next > >
  • On the next screen, check the Agile EQ box and click Save

If the respondent has completed an assessment that isn’t Catalyst, you can upgrade them to Catalyst for free (through December, 2022) and add the Agile EQ to that for 10 credits. We have article on how to do the upgrade: How to Use an Existing Report to Create a New Assessment

Because it takes 15 EPIC Credits to create one workplace profile. And 15 multiplied by $5.40 equals $81.00. Other profiles may require more credits, resulting in a higher cost.

Keep in mind that these are retail prices. EPIC Account holders receive preferred corporate pricing, which can reduce the cost significantly. This is because as an EPIC Account holder, you are taking on the administrative duties, which we are providing for our retail clients.