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Everything you need to get started with DiSC®

Get everything you need to get started with DiSC in your organization.

This package includes:

  • Everything DiSC Facilitation Kit of your choice
  • One EPIC Account for access to the administrative back-end
  • 500 EPIC Credits, sufficient to create:
    • 30 Workplace Assessments and 2 Group Reports
    • OR 25 Productive Conflict Profiles
    • OR 20 Management Profiles
    • OR 20 Sales Assessments
    • OR 20 Work of Leaders Assessments
    • OR 20 Five Behaviors Personal Development Profiles
    • OR 14 Five Behaviors Team Development Profiles
    • (or any combination of these plus group reports, etc.)

This starter bundle may only be purchased one time per person or company.

Please note that this product requires setup by DiSC Training Hub therefore access to the EPIC Account will not be immediate.

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