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Training Videos

The Everything DiSC Sales Facilitation Kit contains 38 high-quality videos.

Below you will find a description of the videos contained in the kit along with some sample clips.

Introduction to Everything DiSC Sales /
Understanding Your DiSC Sales Style

Modules 1 & 2: This video is used in the opening modules and introduces the DiSC Model and the how it relates to both selling styles and customers’ buying styles.

Recognizing & Understanding
Customer Buying Styles

Module 3: The following video shows how easy it is to “people-read” to get an idea of the DiSC style of a customer.

Customer Mapping Activity

Module 3: To practice identifying customer styles, two sets of eight sales training videos are provided. In each set, an actor (male in one set, female in the other; only one set is used) portrays a customer that exhibits the behavioral characteristics associated with one of the DiSC styles. In six of the videos, the style portrayed is a primary style (D, i, S or C) and in two of the videos the actor portrays someone representing on of the blended styles (Di, iD, iS, Si, SC, CS, CD, or DC). These clips are used as a competitive activity in the curriculum.

Recognizing & Understanding
Customer Buying Styles

Module 4: There are four sales training videos in this module that illustrate the Customer Priorities of each of the four primary styles (D, i, S and C). These clips help learners to see the characteristics of each style in action, which aids in identifying customer styles.

Adapting Your Sales Style
to Your Customer’s Buying Style

Modules 5: There are eight pairs (16 total) sales training videos in this section that show salespeople and customers with different styles. In the first clip of each pair the sales person is “being themselves” and is clearly ineffective with the customer. In the second clip, the salesperson is adapting to the customer’s DiSC style, resulting in a more effective interaction. Below is a sample adapted clip.

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