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Work of Leaders Book
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Based on 6 years of research, The Work of Leaders provides a simple, yet eminently useful approach that leaders of all levels and experience can leverage to improve their leadership skills. The Vision, Alignment, Execution structure helps leaders take action with personalized tips and strategies that are easy to apply.

The book introduces the Vision, Alignment and Execution steps. Each of those steps are, in turn, broken down into three key “drivers” and each driver is addressed in detail in subsequent chapters.

Driver chapters introduce keys and behaviors that leaders use to further each step of the model and provides specific strategies for those who are looking to increase their ability to explore during the vision process. It also makes these ideas concrete by relating illustrative examples or anecdotes about people and organizations who have used these drivers to improve their effectiveness to realize each step in meaningful ways. Throughout each chapter, proprietary research and quotes from key thinkers help to add interest and depth to the discussion.

Concluding chapters aim to “bring to life” each step with real-world stories that illustrate key lessons about each step on the leadership continua. These examples show the simplicity, intuitiveness, and usefulness of each step as a part of the work of leaders. It also includes suggested reading for further exploration of this aspect of the work of leaders.

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