Catalyst Profile

$72.00 each

Agile EQ (add-on)

Catalyst™: An Interactive DiSC Experience for Groups & Organizations

For the ultimate DiSC group experience, we recommend Catalyst. Simply put, Catalyst offers respondents an online, self-guided learning experience. It retains the essential insights from Workplace, but adds the ability for users to learn about styles of others within their organization, including specific tips on how to connect and work together more effectively.

Catalyst also supports virtual training! DiSC Training Hub can host training sessions via our state-of-the-art virtual classroom or you can do it yourself. The virtual DiSC training materials are included in the Everything DiSC Workplace Facilitation Kit, sold separately.

New! Add Agile EQ to Catalyst

Get More for Less!

Normally, Agile EQ by itself is $120, but now with Catalyst, Agile EQ and Workplace are just $120! 
Learn more about Agile EQ

Should I get Workplace or Catalyst?

We are highly recommending Catalyst. The difference between the traditional Workplace profile and Workplace on the Catalyst platform is mostly the form of the results. With traditional Workplace, the result is a 20-page PDF. While you can get a PDF with Catalyst, the primary form of delivery is an interactive website with the ability to see other coworkers' styles and get interactive tips on how to work together better.

Catalyst also supports adding new DiSC Applications at a reduced cost. With traditional Workplace, each additional assessment is full price. Currently, Agile EQ is available as an inexpensive add-on, with more applications coming soon.

The one key advantage of Workplace is that you could be reviewing your results minutes from right now. Catalyst requires a bit of manual setup on our end, so while your results are still instant upon completing the assessment, there is some delay while we issue the assessment invitations manually.


  • Catalyst requires manual setup, so instant results are not available for this product
    • We guarantee a 24 hour turn-around, but we often complete the setup within a few hours (and often less) during business hours
    • Set up is dependent on completing and returning the Catalyst setup form
  • A volume price break of 5.21% is automatically applied at 17 Workplace on Catalyst or 10 Workplace + Agile EQ on Catalyst profiles
  • Two or more respondents from a single organization are recommended
    (otherwise there is no one to compare to!)
  • Even with Agile EQ added, respondents complete a single assessment; both results are available upon conclusion of the assessment
  • Agile EQ may be added at a later date for the same surcharge
    • Unfortunately this upgrade can't be processed through the website; contact us for details

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