Five Behaviors Personal Development Facilitation Kit

$1,495.00 each

Complete Training Program for The Five Behaviors Personal Development

New - Virtual training materials included!

The materials (Leader's Guide, PowerPoint and handouts) may all be modified freely to customize the class to your specific needs or objectives.

What's Included

The Facilitation Kit includes:
  • USB Thumb Drive with:
    • Facilitator's Guide in MS Word
    • PowerPoint® with embedded video
    • Participant handouts in MS Word

Sample Video



Virtual Class Layout

The virtual curriculum provides 80 minutes of content. This is ideal for a 90-minute training session or each module could be used individually to break the learning into multiple, shorter engagements.

Module 1: The Five Behaviors® for Virtual Teams (20 minutes)

Introduces The Five Behaviors® model and how it applies to virtual teamwork. Participants discuss some differences between in-person and virtual teamwork and read about their own tendencies as a teammate.

Module 2: Trust and Virtual Teams (30 minutes)

Teaches the concept of vulnerability-based trust, as well as what factors make it easier for them to trust others.

Module 3: Conflict and Virtual Teams (30 minutes)

Helps participants learn about why productive conflict is essential and how their tendencies affect conflict, especially during virtual teamwork, and how to make conflict on a virtual team more productive

In-Person Class Layout

The program covers all 5 of the behaviors, prefaced by an introduction module and followed by a module for review and action planning.

Module 1: You and the Five Behaviors

Introduces The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team Model and gives participants information about their personal tendencies as a teammate.

Module 2: Building Trust

Teaches the concept of vulnerability-based trust and why it matters.

Module 3: Mastering Conflict

Helps participants understand the importance and benefits of healthy conflict and how their natural tendencies during conflict might impact others.

Module 4: Achieving Commitment

Shows what is necessary for teams to truly commit to decisions, things that could stand in the way of commitment and how to address them.

Module 5: Embracing Accountability

Stresses the importance of giving and receiving feedback and what it should look like. Allows discovery of personal Accountability tendencies and how to improve,

Module 6: Focusing on Results

Emphasizes that collective results are more important than individual goals and how to channel personal motivations toward team goals.

Module 7: Summary and Action

Review habits chosen throughout the workshop and make an action plan to implement one of them.

Optional Activity: Conflict Behaviors

Understand that people often have different approaches and reactions to common conflict behaviors and how these different approaches can impact workplace conflict

Optional Activity: Using Your Results Motivators

Consider how to channel personal motivations toward helping a team solve problems and achieve collective results

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