EPIC Account / Sub-account

EPIC Subaccount
$216.00 each

Create Multiple, Custom-Branded Reports with EPIC Accounts & Sub-accounts

With an EPIC Account, you can create customized reports including company-specific branding (logo and text). However, if you're working with different organizations or even different departments, they might require separate branding. EPIC Accounts can contain EPIC Sub-accounts (up to five levels deep!) and each sub-account can have its own settings.

An EPIC Sub-account lets you:

  • Create Reports with a different brand for each subaccount
  • Keep completed assessments physically separate between organizations
  • Delegate administration to others, if desired

And while sub-accounts keep records separate, it is still possible to create group reports by including records from different sub-accounts. It's all very flexible!

The EPIC Credits you purchase can be transferred from the master account to the sub-accounts and vice-versa.

Note:  If you already have an EPIC Account, we can create a Sub-account for you by drawing on your existing EPIC Credit balance. Just Contact Us and we'll make it happen!

If you don't already have an EPIC account, get a free EPIC account by purchasing just 100 EPIC Credits!

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