EPIC Credits

Electronic Profile Information Center
$4.80 each
$4.55 for qty 250+
$4.30 for qty 500+
$4.15 for qty 750+
$4.05 for qty 1000+
$3.95 for qty 1500+
$3.85 for qty 2000+

Unleash the Power of Everything DiSC® with EPIC

EPIC credits are the currency used in an EPIC Account. Having an account is required for using EPIC, but we'll give you one (and waive the $150 setup fee) when you purchase just 100 credits* at the pricing shown.

An EPIC Account lets you:

  • Easily put your brand on any DiSC® Profile Report
  • Generate Access Codes in bulk quickly and simply
  • Gain Access to Follow-up Reports and Group Reports
  • Qualify for volume-based pricing with significant discounts

Whether you need 100 or 10,000 EPIC Credits or more, DiSC Training Hub can get you set up quickly. For more details on EPIC, visit the EPIC page.


*Limit one free EPIC Account per customer.
Additional EPIC accounts may be purchased for 45 EPIC credits each.

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