Everything DiSC® Sales Profile

  • Improve sales effectiveness immediately with this personalized report
  • Discover how to naturally connect and interact with each customer
  • Understand how to read customers' buying styles
  • Adapt your sales style to the customer’s buying style and close more sales

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People Buy from People They Like

You've probably heard this and it makes sense that people are more willing to purchase when they trust or connect with the salesperson. We often connect easily with people similar to us ... but most people are different than us.

How do customers decide whether or not they like you? Is it your professionalism? Competency? Passion? Natural charm? Would you believe that different customers respond to different aspects of "you"? No one talent or skill will endear you to every customer.

Enable More People to Like You

Successful salespeople usually adapt pretty well to different kinds of customers. So let's put some science behind that and determine how to use your abilities most effectively.

The Everything DiSC® Sales profile is a personalized, sales-specific report that can help you connect more effectively with  customers.  By learn how to read and understand what motivates your customers, you will be able to adapt to them more effectively, make them feel more comfortable and remove the personal barrier to the sale.

What You Get:

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Specifically, the personalized report enables you to understand:

  • How to gain self-awareness through exploring your own DiSC Sales Style
  • How to quickly recognize a customer's Buying Style
  • How to adapt your Sales Style to the Customer’s Buying Style

View a Sample Everything DiSC Sales Profile - it’s the actual report … it's just about someone else.

You also get unlimited Customer Interaction Maps at no charge. These maps are a tool to help you analyze a customer's potential buying style and get tips on how to interact with them most effectively. View a Sample Customer Interaction Map.

More information is available in the Everything DiSC Sales Profile eBrochure.

For a Sales Team or Just For You

The Everything DiSC Sales Profile can be integrated into a staff-wide training initiative, it can also be an enlightening tool for self-improvement. 

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Especially Useful For:  Sales Training, Sales Assessment Tool, Career Development Programs

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