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Administer & Purchase DiSC® Assessments

We have made it easy to purchase DiSC assessments through our DiSC Online Store.

Which of these best describes your objective?

DiSC in Cart

"I want to purchase one DiSC assessment."

Whether it’s for you or for someone else, purchasing a single DiSC assessment is this simple:

  • Select a DiSC assessment, add one to your cart and check out
  • Immediately after checkout, you will receive an email with a link
  • Click on the link to complete the assessment yourself or forward the link to someone else
    • Most people take 15 to 20 minutes to complete a DiSC assessment
  • Once done, a PDF report is generated automatically, which can be downloaded, emailed or printed from the browser

Buy a DiSC Profile

"I want to purchase DiSC assessments for a small group."

If you only need a few DiSC assessments, it’s pretty straightforward:

  • Select a DiSC assessment or assessments, add some quantity to your cart and check out
  • Immediately after checkout, you will receive an email with a list of clickable Access Codes
  • If one of them is for you, click on the link to complete the assessment
  • To send DiSC assessments to others, copy an Access Code link and paste it into an email to the desired party
  • They will click on the link to complete the assessment
    • Most people take 15 to 20 minutes to complete a DiSC assessment
  • Once done, a PDF report is generated automatically, which can be downloaded, emailed or printed from the browser

If you, as the purchaser, would like to see the others’ results, you can have them foward the results or just let us know and we will be happy to forward the reports to you.

Shop Online DiSC Profiles

"I want to purchase DiSC assessments for a large group or organization".

For groups of people, you have some choices: Is this a big group or a small group? Will this be an ongoing effort or a one-off? Let’s look at some options and how to proceed for each.

Catalyst™: A New Interactive DiSC Experience perfect for Groups

For the ultimate DiSC group experience, we recommend Catalyst. Results are provided via an online, self-guided learning experience. It retains the essential insights from Workplace (and, optionally, Agile EQ & Management), but is a much richer experience. Catalyst adds the ability for users to learn about styles of others within their organization, including specific tips on how to connect and work together more effectively. Schedule a live demonstration or explore Catalyst.

Catalyst also supports virtual training! DiSC Training Hub can host training sessions via our state-of-the-art virtual classroom (shop classes) or you can do it yourself: the virtual training materials are included in the Everything DiSC Workplace Facilitation Kit or you can build your own class around the Catalyst platform.

Purchase Catalyst Access     Explore Catalyst Workshops



DiSC Assessments for Small Groups

Should you require multiple profiles and decide not to go the Catalyst route, simply add the quantity desired to your cart and then complete the checkout process.

The order’s invoice will provide all of the assessment links, which will also be sent to you via email. To distribute the assessments to the group, simply assign one link to each person. If the email does not arrive right away, you can view the invoice and access codes in My Orders.


Shop Online DiSC Profiles

DiSC Assessments for Large Groups

If you will be working with large groups (or smaller groups frequently), the way to go is an EPIC Account for self-administration of DiSC assessments (and also The Five Behaviors assessments).

An EPIC Account allows you to create and distribute any DiSC assessment (including Catalyst), branded as your own. You can  create group reports and re-use a respondent’s data for new reports, saving them time. If that’s not enticing enough, an EPIC Account also unlocks volume pricing for significant savings. We even provide the account for free (a $243 value) with a small minimum order.
Learn more about EPIC DiSC Accounts.

How much does a DiSC Assessment Cost?

Everything DiSC Workplace, at $81.00, is the lowest-cost DiSC assessment that provides results just minutes after purchase. 

Everything DiSC Catalyst costs the same as Workplace at $81.00 each, when you purchase DiSC profiles in lower quantities (high-volume pricing is available).

Other assessments cost more, with the highest DiSC assessment cost coming in at $189.00. This would be the cost for a Catalyst assessment with Agile EQ and Management added on or for The Five Behaviors Team profile. Several other reports fall in between this range. For pricing of all profiles, see the Profiles category of our online store.

There are small discounts available for volume orders, which are shown in the store. EPIC Account holders enjoy preferred corporate pricing for larger quantities. Visit the EPIC Account page to see if having your own DiSC administration account a good option for you.

Have questions? Schedule a free consultation and we’ll help you sort through all of the choices and determine the best way to approach DiSC training for your or your organization.

DiSC Training Options

There are a variety of DiSC training options available. Here are some of your choices:


DiSC is “simple without being simplistic”. The DiSC reports are rich, but written in such a way as to be readily understood and put into practice. In addition, disc training hub offers these self-help resources, with more to come:

In-house Workshops

Bring training into your organization using your own facilitators. The Everything DiSC solutions each have a ready-built training program in the form of facilitation kits. Each kit contains customizable materials including a fully-scripted Meeting Leader Guide, PowerPoint deck with videos and other supporting materials

Workshops from DiSC Training Hub

If you don’t have an in-house training staff, we offer Workshops on all of the Everything DiSC solutions.


DiSC does not require Certification, however the credential Everything DiSC Certified Practitioner is available.

Certification provides a deeper understanding of the DiSC model and prepares facilitators for conducting Workshops using Everything DiSC assessments and facilitation materials.

Everything DiSC Certified Practitioner logo

Purchasing DiSC Profiles FAQs

For most assessments, you will have access to the results in minutes. After checkout, you will receive an email with a link to the assessment (which you can also find by visiting My Orders. Upon completing the assessment, you will have instant access to your results. We said “most assessments” because there are two exceptions: Catalyst assessments and The Five Behaviors Team assessment require some setup. We strive to turn these around within one business day (and usually much faster).

If you are purchasing the assessment for someone else to take, you can forward the link to the assessment to them. When they have completed the assessment, they can email the results to you. We can also forward the results to you, as the purchaser, however, you will need to contact us to request the results.

If you just need a few or several assessments on a one-time or infrequent basis, just add them to your cart and check out. You will receive an email with links to unique assessments that you can distribute to the intended recipients. You can also find those links in My Orders.

If you are looking to purchase assessments on an ongoing basis, you will probably be better served by setting up a corporate account. Learn more about EPIC Accounts.

Very rarely we see a sudden spike in demand and inventory of a certain profile may get very low. When this happens, our system is designed to allow you to purchase any number of profiles and give you access to as many profiles as we have on hand. The balance will be back-ordered.

As soon as we can replenish the inventory, the remainder of your order will be send out via email. During business hours, this happens very quickly (usually under an hour). Outside of business hours it can take up to several hours to receive all of your profiles.

Yes! Simply select the applications and the quantity you want, add to cart and check out. We will need the name, email and organization for each person taking the assessment so that we can load it into the system. You can use our Catalyst setup form (also provided upon checkout) to make that easy for you.

We will have everything set up within one business day (and often in a few hours or less) upon receiving the setup form.

Because it takes 15 EPIC Credits to create one workplace profile. And 15 multiplied by $5.40 equals $81.00. Other profiles may require more credits, resulting in a higher cost.

Keep in mind that these are retail prices. EPIC Account holders receive preferred corporate pricing, which can reduce the cost significantly. This is because as an EPIC Account holder, you are taking on the administrative duties (which are actually quite light). For retail sales, we are taking care of the administration.