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The Everything DiSC Productive Conflict Facilitation Kit contains 7 high-quality videos.

Below you will find a description of the videos contained in the kit along with some sample clips.

Introduction to Everything DiSC Productive Conflict

Module 1: The first of the Productive Conflict videos introduces the DiSC Model and how the four basic styles tend to approach conflict. This is a slightly shortened version of the video that skips past the introduction of the four styles. The full video runs about 4 minutes.

Destructive Responses

Module 2: The video that leads off this section explores why we often react poorly to conflict. These “destructive responses”  are natural, if not very helpful. By understanding where they come from, we can start to embrace better alternative responses when things get tense.

Sorry, a sample of this vide is not available.

Changing Your Response

Module 3: Five Productive Conflict videos are used in this module. The section begins with a clip that illustrates the process of recognizing the tendency to default to a destructive thought. Awareness of this tendency makes it possible for a person to choose a different response; one that produces a better outcome.

The remaining four Productive Conflict videos are of people with the four primary DiSC styles demonstrating their automatic thoughts. This is part of an exercise in recognizing when the thoughts become destructive. One of these videos is shown below.

Sorry, samples of the other four videos in this module are not available.

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