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Sample Emotional Intelligence Videos

The Everything DiSC Agile EQ Facilitation Kit contains 23 high-quality videos.

Below you will find a description of the videos contained in the kit along with the Agile EQ Introduction video.

Introduction to Everything DiSC Agile EQ

Module 1: This video introduces the concepts of emotional intelligence, how DiSC relates to EQ strengths and what it means to be Agile in our emotional responses.

Recognize & Value Other Mindsets

Module 2: This module begins with a video, “Recognize Other Mindsets”, which explains that we sometimes respond in a less-than-ideal manner for a given situation. Often that happens because we don’t realize that other ways of responding are available to us. These are “mindsets” that we don’t naturally recognize.

There are also 8 additional emotional intelligence videos in this module, one for each Agile EQ Mindset. In these clips, an actor discusses a mindset that comes naturally to them. There are clips for Dynamic, Outgoing, Empathizing, Receptive, Composed, Objective, Resolute and Self-Assured.

Act to Become Agile

Module 3: This module begins with a video of the same name of the module, “Act to Become Agile”. This clip explains what it takes to embrace these other mindsets and increase your Agility when it comes to emotional intelligence.

There are an additional 12 emotional intelligence videos in a collection called, “Mindsets in Action”. There are four sets of three clips. Each group starts with a person demonstrating their default mindset, which goes poorly. The second two clips show how the situation might unfold if the person were to employ a different, more appropriate mindset.

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Everything DiSC Agile EQ Facilitation Kit