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The Five Behaviors® Combined Facilitation Kit

Develop intact groups into powerful teams and build a culture of teamwork with team training for individuals

The Five Behaviors Team Development and Personal Development Facilitation Kits are now COMBINED!

The Five Behaviors™ Combined Facilitation Kit includes materials for both The Five Behaviors Team Development and The Five Behaviors Personal Development programs for the same price as each kit sold for previously.

What’s in the new kit?

  1. Team Development for building cohesive intact teams:
    1. 1- and 3-day facilitation guide with videos and activities
    2. Customizable PowerPower® Point Slides
    3. Annotated Facilitator Reports
  2. Personal Development for building a culture of teamwork:
    1. Half-day facilitation guide with videos and activities
    2. Customizable PowerPoint® Slides


What form are the materials in?

Each set of curriculum contains the following:

  • A fully-scripted Meeting Leader’s Guide for facilitators in Microsoft Word format
  • A slide deck with instruction, activities and video content in Microsoft PowerPoint format
  • Background videos from Patrick Lencioni
  • Support graphics including PDF files of scalable posters
  • Access to myriad resources to help facilitators plan and execute successful meetings

The Meeting Leader Guide, slide deck and handouts can be freely modified to add your branding and customize the class to your specific needs or objectives.

Note that these training modules require that each individual have the Five Behaviors Personal Development profile, or the Five Behaviors Team Development profile, each of which is sold separately.

Sample Videos

posterPatrick Lencioni on Trust




Note: An EPIC Account is required to generate Five Behaviors Team reports.


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