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How to Use Your Workplace Profile

by | Jul 29, 2022 | About DiSC | 0 comments

Although Everything DiSC® Workplace is the “basic” DiSC® profile in our lineup, it is still a very powerful tool for improving relationships with others.

In this article, we’ll walk through how to best use and apply the information it contains.

Understanding & Applying DiSC®

Workplace Profile, page 2

Page 2 is background information, though it’s important to review and understand it.

What to Do

Spend some time reviewing this page. Doing so will help the rest of the document make sense.

One key takeaway we’ll summarize from the Cornerstone Principles is the 3-step process of applying DiSC.

  1. Review your results to understand yourself better.
  2. Understand that other people are different, but more importantly how they are different.
  3. Use this knowledge to bridge the gaps between you and them.

The profile is structured to reflect this method of using DiSC to improve relationships.

Your Results (Step 1)

Workplace Profile, pages 3-6

Pages 3 through 6 are all about you. Pages 3 and 4 are about your DiSC style in general, while pages 5 and 6 are focused more on your tendencies and attitudes toward the Workplace.

What to Do

As you read through these results, jot down those statements that resonate strongly with you. Also make a note of things that don’t seem to apply. While most people find the results to be very accurate, humans are complex and no instrument will be 100% on the nose, 100% of the time.

DiSC Style Overview

Workplace Profile, page 7

Page 7 is a handy chart that lists a lot of information about each of the four basic DiSC styles. There is a lot here!

What to Do

This is a very handy reference guide to help you understand the characteristics of the DiSC styles. But the white circles are also a great way to estimate someone’s DiSC style. For details on how to do this, watch our people-reading video, below.

You & the Other Styles (Step 2)

Workplace Profile, pages 8-11

Next are pages 8-11, one page each for each DiSC style, that discuss each of the four styles. This is written from your perspective and will help you understand your reactions to someone of that style (including your own) and what their motivations are.

What to Do

Read through this information to gain a better understanding of the four styles.

Building Better Relationships
(Step 3)

Workplace Profile, pages 12-15

Now that you have a better understanding of yourself and the other styles, the next four pages focus on how to improve your effectiveness when communicating with others. This is what is covered in pages 12-15, again with one page per style. These pages cover three different situations: Being more effective, solving problems and managing tension.

What to Do

To really leverage the power of this information, start by thinking of a person you struggle to communicate with. Next, use people-reading to estimate their style. Finally, locate the page that deals with their style and read through the information. Find strategies (the bullet points) to help you work more effectively with this person.

Taking Action

Workplace Profile, page 16

Page 16 provides three actionable strategies that you can undertake to be more effective in the workplace. These are general suggestions that are based on your three lowest-scoring priorities.

What to Do

Read through this page and look for opportunities to adjust your behaviors with an eye toward being more effective with others in general. These strategies may well feel uncomfortable for you, but stretching to make these changes may provide considerable benefits in your day-to-day interactions with others.

The Personalized Style Index

Workplace Profile, pages 17-20

The last four pages of the Workplace profile provide a more advanced look at the DiSC styles. There are actually 12 distinct styles in the Everything DiSC model and these pages break down all 12. This information is also personalized to you, providing insights to these styles from the perspective of your own style.

What to Do

This section is particularly useful when someone you know has also taken an Everything DiSC assessment. People-reading is a useful shortcut, but when you know for sure which of the 12 styles someone has, these pages provide more detail on that style, such as that person’s goals, how they judge and influence others, behaviors they might overuse, what happens when they are under pressure, their fears and how someone with that style might increase effectiveness with others.

What’s Next?

Armed with this information, you are now ready to improve your effectiveness with others. Return to the information in your profile periodically, as it is far too much to process in one sitting. Practice recognizing behaviors in others beyond the simple “pace and focus” guides used in people-reading. And finally, practice adapting to others’ preferences. That’s where the real power of DISC comes into play.

Don’t have a DiSC profile?

The Everything DiSC Workplace profile is an excellent introduction to the world of DiSC.

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