Interactive DiSC Style Estimator

Estimate your DiSC Style using this free DiSC Test.

Our interactive video will guide you through some DiSC basics and estimate your DiSC style. Click the play button to get started.

After the video, choose one of the following:

I am more Cautious & ReflectiveI am more Fast-Paced & Outspoken



Using DiSC in your daily life is a three-step process

First, you have to know yourself. Second, you have to understand that other people are different–and how they are different–from you. Third, use the knowledge of these differences to make adjustments that bridge the gap created by these differences.

The first step

This free DiSC test will help you get started, by very roughly estimating your DiSC style. The same principles used in this free DiSC test will help you be able to get a sense of the styles of others.

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