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Our 5-Step Private DiSC Workshop Plan

by | Dec 11, 2021 | Workshops | 0 comments

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If you’re considering having us host a virtual DiSC workshop with your group, you will no doubt have questions.

How does it work?

What’s the plan?

What do you need from me?

The good news is… we have answers!

Here is what to expect when you purchase a virtual workshop from DiSC Training Hub.

1) Select and Purchase

Choose a Topic

Before anything else can happen, you have to decide on what you would like the workshop (or workshops) to cover. While we can develop a customized class for your group,most of our clients choose one of these three standard workshops:

DiSC in the Workplace – This is a DiSC fundamentals class, loosely based on the Everything DiSC Fundamentals and Workplace modules from the Catalyst Facilitation Kit. In this 2-hour session, participants learn about their DiSC style, the styles of others and how to use DiSC with the Catalyst platform to create better relationships at work. The concepts apply equally to other relationships, too, like friends, family and acquaintances.

Agile EQ – This workshop uses the Everything DiSC Agile EQ on Catalyst profile for learners to explore and expand their emotional intelligence. In this program, participants review their own EQ strengths, explore what is beyond their comfort zone and then develop a plan to increase their EQ agility.

Management – Management was launched on the Catalyst platform in December, 2021 and by January 2022 we will have adapted our workshop to use Catalyst. At this time we anticipate that this program will require two sessions. The program will help managers understand their own management style and learn how to best direct & delegate, motivate and develop their direct reports. Managers will also explore how to improve the working relationship with their own manager.

Custom – If you require a customized program, we will explore with you the effort required to meet your specific objectives and then provide a cost estimate for developing the program. A custom program typically adds $2000 to $5000 to the workshop session cost. Submit a request form to get the Custom Workshop process started.

Add Participants

Our workshop prices include assessments for 10 participants. If you need more, you can add more. We recommend not exceeding 20 people in a single session.

2) Finalize the Details

We consult with you to truly understand what you are trying to accomplish. We’ll ask you what you would consider a successful outcome as well as details such as number of attendees, what the group members do, how they interact with each other and outside parties. The better we understand the dynamics of the group, the better we can target the conversation toward their daily interactions.

If we haven’t already scheduled a time and date, we will settle that during this step.

Invite Participants

All we need is a list of names and email addresses to load into the system and we can issue assessment invitations. Beyond that basic information, it is also helpful to know the relationship of the participants, their job titles, etc.

Invitations are sent out, via email, at a predetermined time. We recommend letting the participants know an email will be coming, so that they are more likely to recognize it and act when they receive it. We can also include any specific verbiage in the email that you might require.

With the workshop scheduled and the participant list finalized, we will issue a calendar invite for the workshop, complete with the session link. We use Zoom and the link must come from us as our meeting template includes polls and settings tailored to our virtual classroom.


3) Collect & Assemble the Results

Getting the Assessments Completed

Some respondents will complete their assessment right away. Others will wait for the system reminder email, usually about 4 business days later, while still others… well… there are always those stragglers that require manual follow up.

We use subject lines in the system-generated emails that escalate in urgency as the event draws closer. We will also reach out to you with a list of the stragglers so you can help us get the last ones done.

Assembling the Results

This part is purely internal: We record the participants’ styles so we understand the disribution of styles in the group. For some sessions we may generate a Group Report and develop a “map” of the participants for use in the workshop.

In all cases, we need some time between the last assessment being completed and the workshop so that we can get all of this taken care of in advance.

4) Set Expectations (Pre-Workshop)

We send an email the evening before morning workshops and first thing in the morning for afternoon workshops. In that message, we remind participants of the timing, lay out what is needed (an updated Zoom client, computer with camera and microphone, etc.).

Any handout files that will be needed during the workshop are attached and we include the link to the meeting so that no one has to scramble looking for it at the last minute. The organizer of the meeting is always copied on this email–even if they are not attending–so that expectations are set all the way around.

5) Conduct the Workshop

We open the Zoom meeting at least 10 minutes prior to the official start time to allow time for people to join and get everything working on their end. Our workshop sessions run two hours with no break.

We are very conscientious about finishing on time, although we are always willing and able to stay around past the end time to answer any questions the participants might have.

DiSC Training Hub's state-of-the-art Virtual Classroom

What Happens After?


Not long after the workshop has ended, we send out a followup email thanking everyone for their participation. Most workshops have some “leave behind” materials that we attach to the email. We also invite participants to take a brief survey to help us improve our course offerings and let them know that we are still available to answer any questions that might come up.

In the Future…

For groups that have completed DiSC in the Workplace, we recommend enrolling the same group in the Agile EQ workshop anywhere from a few weeks to a few months later. This not only provides additional opportunities for growth, but it encourages participants to “return and learn”, revisiting the Catalyst platform in a new context.

Similarly, we encourage enrolling learners with direct reports in the Management class. Most managers worked their way into their current position merely because they are good at the position they are asked to manage. Often, any meaningful management training is lacking or nonexistent. Using DiSC as the basis for better management skills is a powerful and engaging way to get new and established managers the help they need to be effective leaders.

Ready to for the Next Step?

We have two options for you:

Explore our workshops through our Build a Workshop page. You can even book and schedule it from there, if you’re ready.

Or, if you’re not quite there yet, use our Workshop Information Request Form to let us know what you’re thinking. We’ll get back to you with some additional information and help you make the best choice for your group.