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Everything DiSC® Certification

Develop the skills to confidently deliver impactful training based on Everything DiSC®

Newly updated to include Catalyst!

Certification classes are currently sold out through March 2023.

However, we will put you on the waitlist for all earlier classes and you will be offered a seat if one becomes available. The waitlists are quite active, so while we can’t guarantee that you will get an earlier class, the chances are excellent that you will!

Everything DiSC® Certification is your best resource to gain foundational knowledge and invaluable tools for facilitating Everything DiSC. Designed to accommodate nearly any schedule, this online course allows you the flexibility of self-paced learning, paired with live, virtual classroom sessions led by expert trainers.

Earn the Everything DiSC Certified Practitioner Credential1

The primary purpose of the Everything DiSC Certification training is to increase confidence and competence in delivering workshops using Everything DiSC. The content covers the principles of the DiSC® model and the supporting research in detail. You will also learn by customizing an Everything DiSC workshop for a specific group of your choosing. The live sessions are an opportunity to practice facilitating with small groups and exploring challenging scenarios that may arise during workshops.

There is also a focus on keeping Everything DiSC alive in your organization: Creating a culture of DiSC, and discovering ways to continue the learning around Everything DiSC in ways that are unique the platform.

Wiley Everything DiSC Certification is the official DiSC certification program

Wiley is the publisher of the Everything DiSC products. This program is the only officially-recognized Everything DiSC trainer certification program.

Certify a group and save: Reduce your per-person Everything DiSC Certification cost by enrolling 5 or more1 trainers

New for 2022!

As of April 28, 2022, this new program replaces the previous Everything DiSC Workplace Certification.

What’s Changed:

  • Broader Focus: The previous course concentrated on the Workplace application; the new course covers DiSC fundamentals and touches on all available applications
  • Integrated with Catalyst: The new program uses the interactive Everything DiSC on Catalyst platform which was launched since the previous Certification course was created
  • Condensed Timeline – Complete this blended learning course in two weeks instead of four
  • More Practice – The course has been altered to give more time toward exercising the skills learned
  • More SHRM Credits – The old course earned 15 SFRM PDC credits; the new course earns 203

Get more details about Everything DiSC Certification.

What Hasn’t Changed:

  • This is still the official Everything DiSC Certification program, created by Wiley
  • The fundamental concepts of Everything DiSC, testing methodologies, etc., are the same as before
  • 10/10ths Development, the parent company of DiSC Training Hub will still provide a free EPIC Account for those getting certified4
  • 10/10ths Development provides an onboarding session for new EPIC Accounts for any number of administrators
  • 10/10ths Development provides ongoing basic support for the EPIC Account, DiSC in general and the use of Facilitation Kits purchase through 10/10ths Development or DiSC Training Hub


  • 1The credential of Everything DiSC Certified Practitioner will be awarded upon completion of the Everything DiSC Certification course material, live sessions and a passing grade in the final exam
  • 2Quantity for 5+ participants is only valid for 5 people from the same organization attending the same session
  • 3SHRM credential holders earn 20 professional development credits (PDCs) upon successful completion of the Everything DiSC Certification course
  • 4Limit one EPIC Account per organization; the organization is not eligible if they have an existing EPIC Account
  • Everything DiSC Certification requires an Everything DiSC on Catalyst Facilitation Kit, available separately or bundled with certification
  • By registering for this event, you are committing to approximately 20 hours of coursework consisting of 12 hours of self-directed online content and four, live 120-minute, virtual instructor-led sessions (2 per week over two weeks)
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