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How to Use an Existing Report to Create a New DiSC Assessment

Feb 2, 2021 | EPIC Account Insights | 0 comments

NOTE: This is also how to get a free upgrade to Catalyst for any existing Everything DiSC record in your EPIC Account.

Workplace, Agile EQ, Management, Productive Conflict, Sales and Work of Leaders are all eligible to be upgraded to Everything DiSC® Workplace on Catalyst at no cost.

The Problem:  Assessments Take Time;
Two Assessments Take Too Much Time

The biggest impact from DiSC training is realized when learners continue their journey beyond just one profile. Everything DiSC Workplace is a great place to start, but managers would benefit from training around the Everything DiSC Management profile. The same goes for leaders and the Work of Leaders program, sales people and the Everything DiSC Sales training… and so on.

Another, minor issue: “Dot Wiggle”

Humans aren’t terribly consistent in answering the types of questions on a behavioral assessment. Human variability may cause a person’s dot to move slightly when re-taking the assessment. Although it generally doesn’t move much, any movement can cause confusion or even breed mistrust in the instrument.

The Solution: EPIC’s “Use Existing Report” Function

When creating a new assessment for someone who has already completed any Everything DiSC assessment, you can re-use their existing results for the core DiSC measurement. They may have to answer a few questions specific to the new application (like Management, Sales, Leadership, etc.) but we can use their previous answers for everything else.

Instead of a second survey of 15-20 minutes, there is a much shorter survey. In some cases, there might not be a second survey at all!

How to Re-Use Exising Reports

To take advantage of this huge time saver, just follow these instructions to create the new access code:

  • Go to the Manage Reports Menu and choose Create New Reports/Issue Access Codes
  • Choose the Product Family and Product for the new assessment you wish to create
    • For the free Catalyst upgrade (while available), choose Everything DiSC for the Product Family and Catalyst: Everything DiSC for the Product
    • Catalyst Only: The next screen requires an Organization to be entered
      • Enter the company with which the access code(s) will be associated
      • As you type, the system will present matches from which you can select
      • You can add a new organization if it doesn’t appear
    • Catalyst Only: On the next screen, you can optionally add any available applications (like Agile EQ)
      • Note that the upgrade credits may be charged, but through December 31, 2023 the basic Catalyst assessment is free for all existing records
  • On the next screen, choose folder, subfolder and delivery options as you would normally
  • The Add Respondents section is where the magic happens:
    • Click on the Use Existing Report tab
    • Click the Search button to bring up the usual search screen
    • Locate the existing record(s) you want to use as the basis for the new assessment and add them
  • Once you have added the respondents, click Assign Access Codes to issue the assessments
    • Catalyst Only: Check the box verifying that the people for which you are issuing access codes belong to the Organization you entered earlier.

This time-saver is one of the under-used heroes of EPIC.

Start re-using records today and reduce the friction of your training classes. Your learners will thank you for it!


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